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A Little Flock Family Update
August 2017

Dear Friends of Little Flock,

New school year in India began in June and our children are back in various schools including our own. Little Flock School Primary School, consisting of preschool through fifth grade now has 190 students!

First day of school Little Flock Primary School

At the end of May we dedicated the school. Parents thanked us for caring about their children to start an English Medium school. It was moving to hear the fathers tell us that they were entrusting their children's future to us because we cared. Following the dedication we had a steady stream of parents seeking admission until we were full and unable to admit any more children. This has been a wonderful thing to behold and we thank you for your fervent prayers for the outreach of Little Flock.

Teachers leading assembly Students marching towards the flag

High School Graduates: all four of our children passed their high school examinations and three of them are enrolled in colleges. Gayathri in English Literature, Kumerasan in Chemistry, and Vimala in nursing.

College Graduation: Satish is the first from Little Flock to graduate from college. He got his degree in automobile engineering with very high grades. He is currently interviewing for jobs.

Summer Teams : The team from the University Covenant Church in Davis painted cottages and worked with our children. Their team leader Nick Bua stayed longer to help in our children's school. Two Westmont students developed new projects to train and employ the village folks. The projects included making leather purses and paper. The paper making project is geared towards collecting paper trash in the villages and turning them into beautiful and usable paper. Five new people are being helped to earn money to sustain their families. The jewelry making project started again at the end of May and the six women are back at Little flock six days a week. The tailoring class this year has all young adults who graduated from High school but could not get into colleges and could not find employment. This training will enable them to earn an income.

Job opportunities in the village and surrounding areas are hard to come by and we are seeing people driven into poverty daily. The harsh reality of unemployment and poverty came close to home in the Kondamangalam Village. One of the young men who was a husband and father of two had been struggling to find work and when he finally found a job he was not paid for three months of work. He had to pawn some of his wife's jewels. The financial struggle escalated and disappointment grew to the point that he could no longer bare it and took his own life. He was 24 years old. The funeral procession passed by Little Flock with many of his classmates and friends in their 20's mourning his death. His daughter is now enrolled in our school and his wife came seeking employment at Little Flock.

Life in the village for the widows is harsh. The Hindus in the village view widows in a very poor light and consider them bad luck and don’t like to see them. This young widow will have to endure such humiliation all her life. One of our jewelry making ladies, Santhana Lakshmi lost her husband unexpectedly. She came to see me with the other women and was full of grief not only at the loss of her husband but also because of the change of her status in the village. While comforting her I explained that Jesus does not see her as anything but a precious person. I shared why I chose Christ even though I was born into a Hindu household and was raised as a Hindu. Later one day when she came to see me by herself, I asked her how she was going to cope with her grief, change of status, and loneliness. She just wept. I then shared that if she would open her heart to Jesus he would help her, reveal Himself to her, and show her that he is God. She listened as I spoke about his forgiveness, gift of new life and his promise to come and make his home in our hearts when we invite him.

She was willing and asked if she needed to wear a veil and kneel on the floor to pray to Jesus. I told her that she could pray anyway she liked and he would hear her. I cautioned her that if she were to accept him as her God then she should be very careful about how and when she communicates this decision to anyone as she might face worse persecution in the village. Please pray that the Lord will make his love, comfort, and mercy real in her life.

New additions to Little Flock: This summer we had Christu, Sundar, Manase and Rahul join us.

New Board members: Mike and Mary Mckenna, who were part of the seven member founding team have re-joined the Board . We are delighted to have them back!

Update on Shyam. Thank you for your prayers for my brother Shyam. He is fully recovered from his stroke. In his recent visit to his doctor following an MRI the doctor was amazed at his recovery and everyone considered it a miracle. On the heels of his recovery he had to undergo an orthoroscopioc surgery. The Lord has brought health to his body and healing to his wounds ( Jeremiah 30:17). He and his wife Kala are on their way to Chicago to visit their daughter.

FCRA: The renewal of the FCRA which allows Little Flock to receive foreign funds has been filed. This past year the federal government has been hostile towards Christian ministries and has not renewed or even revoked the licenses for many Christian organizations. Compassion International which supported 100000 children in India was shut down. The children lost their support and the staff their jobs. Then Secretary of State, John Kerry was unable to intervene when he met with the officials in India. Little Flock needs a miracle for the renewal of the FCRA. The story of Little Flock has been a journey of faith. Faith in Christ has brought us thus far. He is moved by our utter dependence upon him and He promises to hear our prayers.

Banquet 2017: Our annual banquet is on Saturday October 14th at 5pm in Oakland. It is always a wonderful time to hear testimonies and see DVD's of the team's work at Little Flock. There will be a new Little Flock DVD and important updates about the ministry. A delicious Indian meal, cultural program and the bazaar are some of the things you will want to enjoy. It is also a great time for reunions and meeting up with Little Flock alumni!

You have been a strong source of support for Little Flock through your giving, going, serving and prayers. As you stand with us in this time of waiting we are grateful for your partnership in this journey of faith.



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